Upcoming events

The Role of Behavioural Science in Transport.
18th and 19th May 2021
12:00-13:30 (British Summer Time)
For further information and to book a free place, please visit The Institution of Engineering and Technology’s event pages. 

These two webinars have been organised by the Automotive and Road Transport Systems Technical Network of the IET.  They are intended to give engineers a better appreciation and understanding of the role of behavioural science in the design and operation of transport-related products and services.

The first webinar (18th May) will focus on drivers and their use of road vehicles as technology develops to improve safety and environmental performance.  With death rates essentially static, it seems that drivers’ behaviour remains a key factor kin combatting the “fatal four” (speed choice, seat-belt wearing, distraction and self-imposed impairment).  TAS-S co-investigator, Lisa Dorn, will be giving a talk on “Behavioural Adaptation” as part of this webinar.

The second webinar (19th May) will take a broader perspective on road transport by first describing how our transport choices have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.   We explain how choices and behaviours can be influenced (nudged) towards transport outcomes that are more environmentally desirable and discuss the extent to which new behaviours can become habit.  Finally, we address the challenge of more radical behaviour changes that may be needed for compatibility with future carbon targets.   

The TAS-RUSI Conference on Trustworthy Autonomous Systems

‘Trusting Machines? Cross-sector lessons from healthcare and security’

30th June – 2nd July 2021 (Online)

In partnership with RUSI, the UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub is organising an online conference that brings together academic experts, policy leaders, industry professionals and the public to discuss a future where autonomous machines integrate into two of our most vital sectors: healthcare and security.

More details to follow shortly!

Seminar series (Security Lancaster)

The Security Institute at Lancaster University hosts a range of seminars throughout the year on a variety of topics linked to cyber-security.  

Next seminar:  Professor Shanchieh Yang on ‘The Curse of Learning and Extracting Fast-Evolving Cyberattack Behaviours’.  Friday, 28th May 14.00-15.00 via Teams.  

Further details about this and our other seminars can be found on the Security Lancaster Seminar pages. 

Recent events

First External Stakeholders Workshop:  29th March 2021

TAS-S, as the security node in the EPSRC’s Trustworthy Autonomous Systems (TAS) programme, held its first External Stakeholders Group (ESG) workshop on March 29, 2021. The TAS-S stakeholders, as an international representation of prominent autonomous systems leaders, numbered about 50 participants from 30 academic, governmental and industrial organizations. The full-day event provided the TAS-S investigators and its external stakeholders with a critical opportunity to network, albeit virtually, as the collective TAS-S team!

Full report and presentation slides from the TAS-S ESG Workshop

Stakeholder Presentations from the TAS-S ESG Workshop (available to participants only).