Advisory Group and Hub Liaison

TAS-S Advisory Group

Logo for Adealard. A black and white exclamation mark and lower case I surrounded by a black S rotated 90 degrees.

Prof. Robin Bloomfield

Adelard, City University, London.

Logo of Carnegie Mellon University. The name of the university is written in white on a red background.

Dr. Phil Koopman

Carnegie Mellon University.

Logo for CDT, the Center for Democracy and Technology

Prof. Carl Landwehr

Center for Democracy and Technology,  University of Michigan.

Logo for QinetiQ

Dr. Hector Figueiredo


Logo of Flarebright, showing triangle containing three separate sections to the left of the name of the company

Dr. Carl Sequeira 


Logo for Arthur's Legal, a large yellow A next to the company name

Dr. Arthur van der Wees (Chair)

Arthur’s Legal

Logo for the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Dr. Cameron Ross


Hub Liaison team

Logo of the TAS Hub, a blue circle surrounded by 7 smaller blue and red circles.

Prof. Luca Vigano, King’s College London

Prof. Derek McAuley, University of Nottingham

Prof. Jose Such, King’s College London