The TAS-S Team

TAS-S assembles a cross-disciplinary team of internationally reputed security experts from Lancaster and Cranfield Universities who are based across a wide range of research areas including Distributed Systems, Communications, Controls, AI, Sociology and Law.

Lancaster University

Prof Neeraj Suri (Cyber Security)
Prof. Suri holds the Distinguished Professorship and Chair in Cybersecurity, and co-directs the university-wide Security Institute.  His research spans the design, analysis and assessment of trustworthy cloud systems and software.

Prof. Corinne May-Chahal (Sociology)
Prof. May-Chahal is an applied social scientist dedicated to keeping children and adults safe in a digital world.  Her focus is on the socio-technical aspects of human security through developing and applying new technologies.

Prof. David Hutchison (Network Security) 
Prof. Hutchison leads on resilience for communications and networked systems.  He has developed a framework for resilience management against cyberattacks and applied this to cloud systems and utility networks.

Prof. Plamen Angelov (Intelligent Systems)
Prof. Angelov holds a Chair in Intelligent Systems and is the department’s Director of Research.  His research interests cover autonomous learning, evolving systems, and explainable by design prototype-based deep learning.

Dr. Catherine Easton (Law)
Dr. Easton’s research includes internet governance,  intellectual property, access to technology and human/computer interaction.  She has also published an analysis on the regulatory and legal landscape of autonomous vehicles.

Dr. Joe Deville (Sociology)
Dr. Deville is based jointly in the department of Sociology and the Management School (Organisation, Work and Technology).  His research includes disaster preparedness and the production/materialisation of risk.

Dr. Vasileios Giotsas (Network Security)
Dr. Giotsas’ research focusses on novel network measurement and large-scale data analysis techniques to identify, monitor and model the interconnection structure of critical cyber-infrastructures and defend against cyber threats.

Pamela Forster (Project Manager)
Pamela is responsible for the day-to-day management of the project including the organisation of meetings and events, financial monitoring and reporting, and supporting the dissemination of public outputs.

Dr. Zhengxin Yu, (Senior Research Associate)
Dr. Yu received her PhD in Computer Science from the University of Exeter.  Her research interests focus on federated learning, deep learning, multi-access Edge Computing and the Internet of Things.

Photo of Dr. Andrew Sogokon

Dr. Andrew Sogokon (Senior Research Fellow)
Dr. Sogokon completed his PhD at the University of Edinburgh. His  research is in the area of cyber-physical systems, particularly formal modelling and verification of so-called hybrid systems.  His research interests include non-linear ODEs, formal verification, optimisation, autonomous systems, data-driven control and rigorous analysis of modern control systems. 

Pierre Ciholas (Research Associate)
Pierre is currently completing his PhD in Building Management Systems and Industrial Control Systems.  His research interests include Cyber-Physical Systems Security, Malware, and Network Communications and Systems Security.

Dr. Luke Moffat (Research Associate)
Dr. Moffat completed his PhD in Philosophy at the University of Kent.  His research intersects the ethics of technology, nature-philosophy and more-than-human perspectives.  He currently works with Mobilities Research as well as Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (ELSI) of Autonomous Systems.

Photo of Eduardo Soares in front of some mountains

Eduardo Soares (Research Associate)
Eduardo is currently in the 3rd year of his PhD at Lancaster University researching  “Transparent Deep Learning Classifier of Driving Scenarios able to Identify and Learn from Unseen Situations” (funded by Ford).  His research interests include: Explainable AI, explainable deep learnings, weak supervision, and novelty detection.

Cranfield University

Prof. Weisi Guo (Machine Intelligence)
Prof. Guo is the Director of the Smart Living Grand Challenge and the Head of  the Applied AI Group.  His research designs data-driven solutions for socio-cyber-physical ecosystems and how these can be designed for challenging environments or tasks, whilst integrating human domain knowledge.

Prof. Gokhan Inalhan (Autonomous Systems)
Prof. Inalhan’s research covers the design, modelling, GNC, resilience, and security aspects of autonomy and AI for air, defence, transportation and space systems, as well as explainable AI for trustworthy autonomous systems.

Prof. Antonios Tsourdos (Autonomous Systems)
Prof. Tsourdos is the Head of the Autonomous and Cyber-Physical Systems Centre.   His research into autonomous vehicles includes guidance, control,  navigation,  mission planning,  and decision making.  he also researches cyber-physical systems.

Dr. Lisa Dorn (Behavioural Science)
Dr. Dorn is an Associate Professor of Driver Behaviour and Director of the Driving Research Group.  Her main interests are the design and evaluation of interventions to improve driver safety.

Dr. Burak Yuksek (Research Fellow)
Dr. Yuksek’s research focusses on mathematical modelling, guidance,  navigation and control (GNC) systems for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aerial platforms.  His current work includes adaptive control theory, reinforcement learning applications on flight control systems and motion planning for urban air mobility and  air defence.

Dr Zhuangkun Wei (Research Fellow)
Dr. Wei has recently completed his PhD at Warwick University.  His research interests include Secure Wireless Communications and Explainable Artificial Intelligence (X-AI) for digital aviation.

Dr Oscar Julian Gonzalez Villarreal (Research Fellow)
Dr. Gonzalez Villarreal’s research interests are in the development and application of advanced Fault-Tolerant Control and Obstacle Avoidance Methods  for improving the trustworthiness of autonomous systems.