Lancaster University

Autonomous Systems Protocol Testbed
A testbed to replay, simulate, and benchmark autonomous systems communications supporting dynamic topologies, network state fluctuations, and highly scalable (2 to 10k instances).  

Cyber Threat Laboratory
A partnership between Security Lancaster and Fujitsu Enterprise and Cyber Security, the lab is a collaborative platform that allows analysis of threats and behaviour to take place in a safe and controlled environment. 

Lancashire Cyber Foundry
A series of multi-million pound secure digitalisation projects to help SMEs across Lancashire embrace innovations in digital and cyber technologies to  defend, innovate and grow their business.  

innovative Digital Infrastructure Defence (iDID)
iDID addresses pragmatic industrial requirements using applied research methods and focusses on cyber security and cyber threat intelligence for internet-enabled cyber physical systems.  

Cranfield University

Set up of the Simulation Environment for AI-aided Navigation of Autonomous Systems demo in situ at Cranfield University

Simulation Environment for AI-aided Navigation of Autonomous Systems.

The main aim of this simulation environment is to provide detailed mathematical model of the environment that autonomous systems are operating in . The system runs based on Unreal Engine and Airsim. It includes dynamical models of ground/aerial vehicles with sensor models such as inertial measurement unit (IMU), global positioning
system (GPS), cameras and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR).

The UAV experiment in situ at Cranfield University.

Real UAV Flight Arena

This is a real UAV experiment indoor platform called Arena in Building 83 of Cranfield University Main campus. The platform is assisted by Vicon system for UAV positioning and IMU and MARG data measurement. The aim is to run designed algorithms in real scenarios, and bridge the gap between academia and industry perspectives.

Multiuser Environment  for Autonomous Vehicle  Innovation (MUEAVI)
This outdoor test facility supports the rapid development of on and off highway. ground and airborne autonomous vehicles.  The facility includes sensors with 4G/5G connectivity sensors, along with Lidar object recognition/test drone  tracking on both LOS/NLOS basis.    

National Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC)
DARTeC is a £65 million facility integrating research and practice. It includes a fully functional airport, digital control tower, and air space control to offer a unique research and development environment.  

National Beyond Visual Line of Sight Experimentation Corridor (NBEC)
NBEC provides a safe, managed environment to test and develop concepts , principles and related technologies to enable flying unmanned aircraft systems beyond visual line of sight in non-segregated airspace.